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Robert Ruffin, Interim Producing Artistic Director

Virginia Shakespeare Festival

College of William and Mary



Barbara Blackledge, Artistic Director

Keystone Repertory Theatre

Indiana University of Pennsylvania



Dr. Cara Gargano, Chair

Post Theater Company

Dept of Theatre, Film & Dance, L.I.U.



Brian Jones, Chair

Department of Theatre & Dance

Indiana University of Pennsylvania



Dr. Paulette Merchel, Director of Theatre

Department of Music, Theatre & Dance

Marywood University


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Gina O'Ferel


Mendocino, CA


Barb Blackledge

Educator, Director, Actress

Recently of Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Matt McCormick

Scenic Designer

Recently of University of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach


Jeff Wills


New York City


Connie Rotunda

Adjunct Professor, Director, Actress

SUNY, New Paltz


Brian Jones

Department of Theatre, Chair

Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Marti Cate

Performer and Producer

Unexpected Company, Fairfax, CA


Ray Collins

Adjunct Professor

North Carolina University, Catawba College


John Beck

President Emeritus

Electric Theatre Company, Scranton, PA


Karen Blomain


Late of Scranton, PA

  "David creates the best environment. He has the gift of bringing people together in a non competitive, fun, and deep way. He lets people be themselves by being himself and enjoying it. Things that should be easy are easy, and challenges are engaging and exhilarating. He's a natural at what he does."
May 17, 2013
  "I have worked with David Zarko for over twenty years -- as either a director for the professional summer theatre where I was first an Associate Artistic Director and then Artistic Director -- and as a colleague now at Marywood University. I have also worked with him as an AEA actor when he was the Artistic Director of the Electric Theatre Company in Scranton, PA. David is one of the best directors that I have known. He is well prepared, very intelligent, a great communicator and collaborator. He is intuitive and compassionate with a large understanding of the world beyond theatre. Any theatre company who can be fortunate enough to work with David will want to work with him again and again. I just hope that it is my fortune to be able to find even more opportunities to work with him again in the future."
May 9, 2013
  "David Zarko is a man of many of hats and wears each one with confidence and style. As a director, he is a creative, wise collaborator, respectful and supportive of the actor's process. He creates beautiful, fully realized theatre on any budget. As an artistic director, he effortlessly balances entertaining fare with more risky challenging work, keeping the art alive. He is a generous teacher and great person to work with in any capacity."
July 24, 2011

"I have worked with and for David off and on for nearly 15 years in my capacity as a scenic designer. He is excellent at designer/director creative relations, giving me what I need in direction, and inspiring me to fully explore possibilities. I've even been inspired by him to the point of throwing down the designer's brushes and taking up the Commedia mask and perform in his In Bocca Al Lupo project in Italy!

He has a keen understanding of leading an ensemble of creatives whether they be seasoned professionals, or young novices. He is especially adept at the difficult work of melding various levels of experience into a cohesive cast. He suspends judgment, in favor of focusing on the creative needs of the production.

David doesn't waste anyone's time, staying organized and diligent throughout a creative project. What's remarkable about that, is that he does it in such a relaxed manner.

I really appreciate, too, David's humor and sense of whimsey. In even the most serious circumstances, David can be counted upon to see the humanity the moment. And his understanding of comedy is profound.

I would gladly work with him, or for him, anytime I can."
July 18, 2011

  "David Zarko is a creative, passionate, seasoned and knowledgeable theater professional."
June 26, 2011
  "I worked with David for ten years. During that time I always found him cooperative, blissfully free of temperament, creative, focused on solving problems as they occurred, and generally a master of his craft."
June 23, 2011
  "David cast me in his wonderful directed production of Benefactors. He has a gently but firm directing hand that brought all the elements of the production together. I can highly recommend him for managerial or artistic positions in the theatre."
June 23, 2011
  "I have known David Zarko since we were undergrads in the University of Arizona Drama Department in 1969, and have always been impressed by his vision, discipline, and creative force. I have acted under his directorship in productions of the San Francisco-based Fabulous Theatre Co., and been an audience member of many additional performances which he directed. In 2009 I spent 3 weeks in Italy studying and performing commedia dell'arte through a remarkable interdisciplinary program which he created and led. His passion for theatre, personal warmth, and extensive experience would make him an invaluable asset for any company. I can't recommend David highly enough!"
June 24, 2011
  “David Zarko has a unique sensitivity and an ability to communicate with actors that is belied by his ability to manage all the pragmatic details of production. It's this unique combination of abilities that makes him especially qualified to direct a variety of productions, from intimate to expansive. Most impressive about his work ethic, however, is his unerring priority to create something distinctive and original. David's not content with a merely serviceable show or troupe - he wants whatever he contributes to, to be something special, and that's what he delivers.”
July 2, 2011
  "David Zarko is one of those exceptionally rare theatre artists who is able to bring an incredible amount of energy, passion, vision, and knowledge to a production without any of the emotionally-charged drama that too often accompanies one with "an artistic temperament." He is one of the kindest, most nurturing souls I've had the pleasure of working with and his sense of theatricality and eye for detail is as keen as his culinary skills, and that's sayin' somethin'! As a scenic designer David gives me a great amount freedom to experiment within his framework, always with the goal of serving the play and aiding in the story-telling. It is always a privilege to work with him; I can not recommend him highly enough."
July 18, 2011