I have spent much of my creative life fostering new works and young talent, and providing a place for artists and their communities to meet. I've seen glorious work during all this; lives improved, wounds repaired, expression given to the secret and the profound. From my hiding places backstage, behind the chairs, in forgotten rows of seats, and folds of dusty drapes, I've heard hearty laughter, gasps, groans, sobs, and yips of joy.

Theatre has the capacity to connect people who may not otherwise have reason to say hello. It gives us places in which we may share a collective dreaming. It is an experience of mutual astonishment, fascination, and beauty- and one that is rooted in story. Theatre invites everyone present into the act of retelling those stories; no one is passive, imaginations and intellects must be engaged on all sides for real theatre to arise and grasp the heart.

I live to facilitate theatrical interplay. I love telling and hearing and living stories. I'm always happy to find kindred souls.

I also love to work. Money? Sure. But there is no wealth greater than the richness of using your hard-won skill, or of seeing what seeds it can plant. Wander here, and if you're intrigued, I'd love to hear why.